Our vision is simple:

to provide you with a new experience of your local, your go to place

Located at Turners Cross, we bring you a friendly and casual bar and restaurant full of craic.

Our open plan local is the perfect spot for you to watch the match or to catch up with the girls for brunch.

Our tasty food and craft beers are largely sourced in the local Cork area and we also offer a fantastic range of cocktails and an extensive wine list

- there is something for everyone!


What we're about

Here's to you _____

Turners Cross Tavern is the first of a new type of local brought to you by The Sláinte Group.

We offer craic and good company while serving the finest food, beverages and banter. It's the new place to be!

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Turners Cross Tavern is brought to you by


The Sláinte Group is an Irish, Cork owned
hospitality group. Our mission is distinct:
providing great, local, fun experiences for
our customers, in their local - everytime.